Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“Practice as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best.”

As most of you know, I am a perfectionist... especially when it comes to what I love most... PERFORMING!  Whenever I rehearse I always make sure to pick a part each little line, note, move, etc to make sure that what I am doing is nothing short of my best.  Yes at times I can be lazy, but I just make sure to get back on it the next day and tackle it even harder!

So today I had my audition for a theatre company in Pennsylvania.  The show I was aiming for was "The Sound of Music" because I figured one of the Von Trapp children's roles would suit me best.

As I walked into the room, everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  As I prepared to sing my song, I took a deep breath and literally imagined the surroundings in the audition room blooming into the setting of my song.  I saw: flowers all over the place, vines, a garden, and a dark, rusted gate.  Blue skies, blue birds, a bumble bee, and a spider's web tangled in the corner of the rusted fence.  As I imagined all of these little details about where I was, I thought about what I truly wanted, and all of a sudden... my mouth opened and I was singing the first note of the song.

I have sung this song hundreds of times for auditions, however, this time when I sang it, it was different.  By living in the world that surrounded me, rather then pretend to be in this world, I felt like every emotion I evoked was genuine and true.  I didn't have to "try", I just had to "be".

Some songs I have this connection with automatically, and I am so happy to say that today was the first time I truly felt it with this one.  I cannot wait until the next time I get to sing it!

If that wasn't enough, they wanted to hear more (a song that showed off my belt... which you all know I LOVE to do!), which I hope is a good sign? :-/ We'll see!

I guess my point is... sometimes you just need to let all of the work you've done speak for itself and let it go!  I've been in school long enough to know most ins and outs of how to perform a song, monologue, etc.  So I guess what I need to do now is simply "Practice as if I am the worst, and perform as if I am the absolute best!"

With that ray of confidence and trust in the work I have done, I hope to give a stellar performance both in the audition room and on stage!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening! Off to babysit the sweetest little girl ever!


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