Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flyin' High

So I'm sitting on a plane right now, mid flight and I thought I would write to you all.

Guess what happened to me yesterday?... Well I got a call in for 2 shows... one is "Hairspray", the other is "The Sound of Music".  I love both shows, but can honestly say I am not as familiar with Hairspray as I should be.  I'm sitting on the plane right now learning the three songs and all the sides that were emailed to me.  I hope I can get it all learned by Friday.  HAPPY THOUGHTS!

Not only did I get news about these two calls, but yesterday I went to the doctor to see why I have been feeling dizzy lately... well the doctor said it may be due to my ears.  So after looking in both of them she suggested I buy an ear kit to cleanse my ears.  To my surprise I found myself with one deaf ear before I went to bed last night.  It turns out I moved around some skin inside and it got pack up into my ear drum.

So this morning my wonderful mother drove me to the doctor to get my ears checked out.  My dad met us there and after spending about 2 hours at the office, the doctor finally used a tool to go all the way down into my ear to scrape around the ear drum and remove packed in wax.

It was so painful and I literally was on edge the entire time!  I never realized how incredibly sensitive our ears are... and even more, how extremely grateful I am for something as simple as hearing.  I cried last night because I was afraid I wouldn't get it back.  Thankfully with prayers all turned out well!

So that was my scary night!  I'm getting ready to land back in New York right now... they're asking us to turn our computers off.  Have a wonderful day! Talk to ya'll soon!


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