Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions...

Hello my friends!

I know it has been a loooong time, but I am back and on track!

So get this... I have made a few new years resolutions.  I know all of you may be laughing because, well... hey... we all know how long those can last (aka not very long).  But I have decided to set a few goals for myself:
 - Blog at least 3-4 times/week
 - Exercise at least 3-5 times/week
 - Go out more often
 - Make a video once a week

I've realized that blogging is a wonderful way for me to relive stress, organize myself and my thoughts, and reach out to people!  Therefore, why not do something for myself that makes me feel better AND is FREE!

Now the exercise bit is interesting... for the past 4 months since I graduated from college I have been without a gym membership.  Lord knows how expensive they are in Manhattan, but thankfully I have an amazing boyfriend who knew exactly what I wanted and got me a membership.  If that's not enough, he got one too! So no I got myself a workout buddy!

Going out more often seems like an odd resolution, however, after constantly working on projects, auditioning, and managing the crazy life I live, I figured I need to make a commitment to see friends more often and just enjoy the fact that I live in New York City!

All of these resolutions are just a way to try and better myself and my life.  I hope I can do it!

However, before I do, I am going to finish enjoying my vacation at home with my family and friends!  Once I get back to the concrete jungle I will be giving it my all!

Happy thoughts!


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