Monday, October 29, 2012

Not So Dandy Sandy

Well as most of you know hurricane Sandy has hit the east coast and NYC is getting a pretty big hit.  I remember last year being here during hurricane Irene and it was nothing compared to this monster!

It all began this morning... peaceful, calm, quiet.  I got up and out of bed to head to the gym before the storm struck, but an eerie feeling came over me.  The streets were deserted; a few people lingering about here and there, but definitely not Manhattan in it's usual Monday morning state.  I found where everyone had been hiding... THE GYM!  hahaha!  The place was PACKED with workout junkies just trying to get their workouts in before the big storm... but hey who am I to judge... I was there too right?

Oddly enough I get home at around noon only to find out that Battery Park had been flooded! I was so confused because it was barely drizzling outside!  Then I found out that one of the tides had rolled in.

Here's the thing... we only live one avenue away from the east river so Grant, Matt and I decided to embark on a little adventure.  We were bored, what do you expect?  You only get to see these things once in a lifetime... if that.  We had a good time, but man it was windy!  We took photos and videos (posted below) and just goofed around a bit before things started getting too serious.

It wasn't till around 7pm that everything started getting bad.  The wind got so bad that our roof door broke and will not shut, so now all night we have to listen to it bang open and close due to the wind.  We also heard things falling outside, and car alarms going off.  I swear you would think it's armageddon out there.

All in all, it's still very windy out there! I know that most of manhattan has lost it's power, thankfully the upper east side has not, and I know many parts are flooded.  I pray things go back to normal tomorrow and that the sound of what is going on out there is much worse than the damage that is being done.

Meanwhile I'm trying to stay on track with eating healthy.  It's difficult seeing all of the facebook statuses out there about baking during the hurricane and munching on halloween treats.  It makes me want to make bad decisions when it comes to eating, but luckily I've stayed on track (lost 15 pounds).  Once this wedding hits and I'm home for a short while I can give myself a little break and indulge.

In the meantime I must pack and prepare for my brother's upcoming wedding this Saturday.  I pray that our flights still go out on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please keep us in your prayers for a safe return back to Minnesota.

And please keep all of the people, homes and animals along the whole east coast in your prayers.


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