Monday, October 29, 2012

Not So Dandy Sandy

Well as most of you know hurricane Sandy has hit the east coast and NYC is getting a pretty big hit.  I remember last year being here during hurricane Irene and it was nothing compared to this monster!

It all began this morning... peaceful, calm, quiet.  I got up and out of bed to head to the gym before the storm struck, but an eerie feeling came over me.  The streets were deserted; a few people lingering about here and there, but definitely not Manhattan in it's usual Monday morning state.  I found where everyone had been hiding... THE GYM!  hahaha!  The place was PACKED with workout junkies just trying to get their workouts in before the big storm... but hey who am I to judge... I was there too right?

Oddly enough I get home at around noon only to find out that Battery Park had been flooded! I was so confused because it was barely drizzling outside!  Then I found out that one of the tides had rolled in.

Here's the thing... we only live one avenue away from the east river so Grant, Matt and I decided to embark on a little adventure.  We were bored, what do you expect?  You only get to see these things once in a lifetime... if that.  We had a good time, but man it was windy!  We took photos and videos (posted below) and just goofed around a bit before things started getting too serious.

It wasn't till around 7pm that everything started getting bad.  The wind got so bad that our roof door broke and will not shut, so now all night we have to listen to it bang open and close due to the wind.  We also heard things falling outside, and car alarms going off.  I swear you would think it's armageddon out there.

All in all, it's still very windy out there! I know that most of manhattan has lost it's power, thankfully the upper east side has not, and I know many parts are flooded.  I pray things go back to normal tomorrow and that the sound of what is going on out there is much worse than the damage that is being done.

Meanwhile I'm trying to stay on track with eating healthy.  It's difficult seeing all of the facebook statuses out there about baking during the hurricane and munching on halloween treats.  It makes me want to make bad decisions when it comes to eating, but luckily I've stayed on track (lost 15 pounds).  Once this wedding hits and I'm home for a short while I can give myself a little break and indulge.

In the meantime I must pack and prepare for my brother's upcoming wedding this Saturday.  I pray that our flights still go out on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please keep us in your prayers for a safe return back to Minnesota.

And please keep all of the people, homes and animals along the whole east coast in your prayers.


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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've Missed You!!!

May I first start off by saying "Hello everyone! I have missed you!"

I have finally gotten back into the groove of things after a 3 month run at the American Music Theatre, final callbacks for a TV show on the CW Network, and working with the Broadway Dreams Foundation.  But we'll get into all of that a little later.

Before I tell you all about what has been happenening in my life I wanted to ask you all to please take a look at my YOUTUBE channel.  There have been some recent additions to my videos page and I would love for you to take a listen!  My two most current videos are "Who You Are" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". Be sure to check them out!

Also, while we're on the subject of websites, I have also recently updated!  New videos, photos, and information are all posted there.  And be sure to follow me on Twitter @HoneyRibar as well!

Well... I have to admit that getting back into the groove of things hasn't been easy.  I've literally been going to auditions every day, waking up as early as possible, and not being seen for a single thing.  It's difficult being non-equity in Manhattan.  Oh well... I have to keep my hopes high and keep praying for the right opportunity to come along.

Country Classics finished wonderfully!  Everyone who came to see the show claimed that it was the best Revue that the theatre has ever put on, which I was very happy to hear.  

After finishing Country Classics, I was immediately thrown into the next project which was a television show on the CW Network called "The Next".  I was flown out to Los Angeles for a quick 24 hour callback and it was a dream come true!  I woke up at 3am to catch a 5:30 flight from Newark to Burbank.  As soon as my flight landed I was picked up and brought to the hotel (I got my own room and it was huge!!!)  After that I had a meeting with wardrobe and was measured and interviewed about "my style" and what I would like to be perceived as.  After getting all my measurements, they sent me off to lunch and gave me some time to get prepared for band rehearsal.  Once I was picked up to go to rehearsal I literally had a ball of excitement bunching up in my stomach!  I thought I would have been more nervous, but I was just ready to get up and sing!  I met the group, the producers and the sound monitor and everyone (to say the least) was incredibly sweet.

The song I was given to learn was grammy award winning song "Mean" by Taylor Swift.  I wasn't so thrilled about the song right off the bat, but after I gave it my own style, I seriously was obsessed with the song!  The band and I immediately clicked!  We all had similar styles of what we wanted the song to sound like and we all just had a blast rocking out and enjoying what we love to do. And did I mention that they were all incredibly talented?!

After band rehearsal they thanked me, and all gave me the biggest hugs a person could get.  I went back to the hotel that night with a big smile on my face and a comfy pillow under my head.  I woke up bright and early the next morning to head back to New York and get back to work.  

Sadly I didn't get the show, but I am hopeful the next big thing will come along soon (at least I hope so).

After being down for about a week I thankfully had my next adventure to take my mind off of it.  Well... it ended up being more than just "something to take my mind off of".  The Broadway Dreams Foundation is seriously one of thee most creative, loving and inspiring environments I have ever been in.  Annette (the founder) and the whole creative team are people I want to surround myself with for the rest of my life.  Talk about talent!  I had the pleasure of working with big Broadway names and even people on television (cough... "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographer... cough).  

Broadway Dreams gives people who are not yet living the Broadway Dream the opportunity to work with those who are!  They guide you and direct you in the way a Broadway Director would.  They coach you and instruct you to be the best that you can be, all while working on their own parts within the show that is put on at the end of the week intensive.

If you don't know what BDF is, please be sure to check it out at

So as you can all see, things have been quite crazy lately!  I have been in and out of the apartment and I finally just moved back in.  Literally I just spent all night cleaning the apartment (it was a mess!)

I am having a friend stay with me next week, then immediately following her are my parents!  I am excited for these next few weeks to come and I can only hope and pray that everything is wonderful in all of your lives as well.

I promise to write more frequently now that I am back home.  I'll let you know how everything goes.  Until then... have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

La Vie Boheme

Good morning everyone! The week is already half way over! Woohoo!

I just thought I'd write to you all since again... it's been a while.  Last time I wrote I was on a train coming back from New York.  Since then I have been back and forth a few times between shows.  It was so nice seeing Grant and Matt so much and getting a few things done in the city.  I had a big audition for a new TV show airing in the summer so we will see how that goes... not going to lie though I'm still thinking about what would have happened with DUETS.  Jennifer Nettles would have been a joy to work with!

During the audition/interview I had this weekend however we talked a lot about you all!  One of the things they asked me was to talk about my supporters.  I told them how I can sing whatever my heart feels in the moment (whether it's a hard rock song like Evanessance or a Broadway song like "I Can't Say No") and you all still support me and follow my work, which is so amazing!  We talked about how my life is different in Minnesota than New York or Pennsylvania.  I told them that when I'm in PA I'm a country singer, when I'm in New York I seem to be more of a pop/rock girl, and oddly when I'm in Minnesota I'm a Broadway girl.  They laughed because who would think that it would've turned out that way?  One would think... PA- Pop/Rock, MN- Country, and NY- Broadway.  I think that it's all mixed up this way because when I'm away from one place I like to take it with me through song (and I'm in a country show in PA haha). But no really... when I'm in MN I miss NY, when I'm in PA I miss MN, ect.  I sing what I feel and they seemed to love that answer because that's not what your average performer is... they all have a genre.  We'll how it all goes though =) (Hands FOLDED!)

While I was out in New York this past weekend it was absolutely gorgeous, accept for Monday it rained cats and dogs all day long!  Stupid me... I was wearing sandals.  At the finish of my busy day I think I must have slipped or moved my foot the wrong way because I started feeling this awful pain in my right foot.  Well it turns out I must have pulled or bruised something!  I have been off it as much as possible, trying to ice it on and off, but it's difficult when you have a show to perform.  It is feeling much better today and I think by the end of he week I should be able to dance on it again.  AMT had to modify some of the dance numbers and my parts within them just for these few days while I watch over it... they are incredibly accommodating!

Most of my time lately though has been running back and forth to NY, auditions, and shows.  I really need to record a video sometime soon but I do have a video from back in high school going up soon! As soon as I post it you all will be the first to know!  I will also get a video up of a short song in the show I am currently in!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! Talk to you all soon!


Ps. I'm trying to finally hit 10,000 views on these videos so if you haven't seen them yet or want to re-watch them please do!  I always appreciate your support and love!  xoxo

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hello & Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone! Well I'm on a train headed back to Pennsylvania and I thought I would write a little!

First off... Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Thank you for everything you do in this world. My mom especially!  Thank you for always being so supportive of me, my decisions and my dreams.  I couldn't do any of it without you there cheering me on like you always do!  I don't need a holiday to tell you these things... I hope I tell you enough already.  I love you so incredibly much!


So much to fill you all in on!... I moved to Lancaster, PA for a few months doing the show 'Country Classics', a country music review.  Things are going great so far! My time here in Lancaster is already half way done and then I will either be on to my next project, or headed back to NYC... we'll see where I am taken!

The show is SUPER FUN! High energy, amazing voices and great music!  Everyone I talk to after the show keeps saying how this is one of the best shows they have ever seen at American Music Theatre, which makes me feel so honored to be a part of it! Just being able to be on the stage again, doing what I love to do is enough!  I've actually been told that I sound like a legit country singer, which is pretty fun to ear considering I grew up in the north... not the south! Nice to know I can mold my voice to fit the setting.  Well... my singing voice... everyone always makes fun of my Minnesotan accent.  It's ok... I embrace it 'dontcha know'. ;-)

Not going to lie though... it's been extremely difficult being away from New York... well... Matt and Grant to be more specific.  Matt actually came out to PA and saw the show twice last weekend.  It was hard saying goodbye so I decided to make a surprise visit home this weekend before our show today.  We had such a wonderful weekend! Relaxed, tanned, ate out, walked around, and saw 'The Avengers' (which I LOVED!)  All in all it was a fabulous weekend!

Luckily enough, the fun doesn't have to end there because one of my friends in the show is awesome enough to let me ride back with her again tomorrow! Then I'm headed back again for the weekend for a callback!  I'll be seeing lots of Grant and Matt this next week, which is am so thankful for... they're the light to my life.


Please keep me in your prayers this next week/weekend.  So much has been going on over the past month and I know I've made some great decisions and I know I've made some mistakes... all I need is some guidance as to what my next step is or if something else is waiting for me.

Hope you all are doing well and I will be sure to fill you in more soon!

Also, CONGRATS to all my friends who are Graduating! I am so incredibly proud! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! xoxo


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Brief Trip, Twilight & Videos!

Good morning everyone!  I hope you're all having a wonderful week!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday.  Only 2 more days until I leave for Pennsylvania! I'm all packed and preparred, only a few last minute things to do, but I feel ready.  The only part I'm not ready for is leaving Matt and Grant.  It's going to be a big bummer being away from the people I am closest with for 3 months. Hopefully I'll get some time to come back, or them to come out and see me.

Matt took off of work to spend the entire day with me, and later on this evening Grant will be joining us for a fun evening of just us three hanging out.  They really are the two best people I know.

Well... as some of you may have seen, the Scott Alan "I'm A Star" contest winner was revealed and the winner was Alexander Sage Oyen, who is currently going to school in Minnesota right now!  What a funny coincidence! If you see him in St. Paul or Minneapolis give him a high five! He's such a sweet guy and is so incredibly talented!

Oh one more thing I HAVE to mention... I started reading the 'Twilight' books! I know I'm like years late, but oh my gosh they are so good! I'm already half way through the second one and I just started about a week or two ago.  I think they're better than the movies, and they answer a lot of the questions I had during the movies! (Aka... why does Edward look like a nut case in the first scene with Bella sitting next to him, etc)  Now I understand *specifically* why all these little things happened that I never understood or never noticed in the movie.  Next... 'Hunger Games'!!!

Sorry it has been a while since I have written, things have once again been hectic, but if you haven't checked out my most recent videos please do.  One is "LaserLight" a new Jessie J song that I absolutely adore. The other is a thank you to Scott Alan and the judges for choosing me to be a part of the top 14 finalists.  And the final video is from a few weeks ago when I sang at a benefit for "The Hills Are Alive".

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! I'll fill you in on the transition from NYC to PA as soon as I get settled in.  Love you all!


Sunday, March 25, 2012


Wow! It has been over a week since I wrote! I'm sorry :-( I need to stay on this!

This past week and a half has been absolutely cray cray!

Due to all the pressure and stress I've been under, I stopped working out for a few days and started eating crappy again (yea yea... I know).  But I'm getting back on again tomorrow! (Or at least I'll try! haha)

I had a few callbacks here and there, working with some new, incredible people.  I also made it to the final 14 for the Scott Alan "I'm A Star" Contest.  I am so incredibly honored to be a part of such a fun, talented group of people.

In fact, I had lunch with two of them today (and a few more friends!) Stefani and Paul, two incredibly beautiful people!  It's just so refreshing to meet people who are so talented, yet so down to earth.  I really appreciated them taking the time out of their busy lives to grab a bite and just to get to know each other a little bit.  I know this is just the beginning of a new friendship with both of them and I wish them nothing but success and happiness in this industry and wherever the road takes them.

If that wasn't enough, I met Michael Buckley on Friday evening at the Digitour concert in NYC!  What a gorgeous person! Inside and out!  Seriously, the man has a sunshine smile and you can just tell from first impression that he is the sweetest man!  He did such a great job hosting the concert! Everyone literally was OBSESSED with HIM! (myself included).  Such a great personality and such a fun person!

All of these people are fun, amazing people!  I honestly, still cannot believe Scott Alan, Michael Buckley and all of these other amazingly talented people have watched my video!  It's such an honor to think that these incredibly successful people who have plenty of things going on in their lives, took time out to sit a watch 540 videos.  That right there shows how incredible these people are. Giving up their own personal time to do something like this is just so kind and I am so grateful (as are the rest of the top 13) for an opportunity such as this.

If you haven't please check out this Article in Playbill!

Also, be sure to watch the Top 14 Submission Videos!  They're not only talented... they're kind and caring people with so much to give to this industry and this world!

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue to keep you in mine.

I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pasta and Ice Cream and Fries... Oh My!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had a nice work day.  We're half way through the week!  Does anyone feel like this week is dragging?  I certainly do!
Well... this week I began an intensive workout routine and a pretty strict calorie/fat diet to prepare for an upcoming audition.  I want to feel my best and look my best, and so far... it's working!  I've been doing around an hour to an hour and a half of cardio every day (treadmill, stair master, etc) and every other day I do weight lifting (legs and arms).  Since school ended I have really lost my flexibility, but I forgot how quickly I get it back only after a few stretching routines.  I've been sleeping much better since I began working out, however, I lack energy beginning at around 4 in the afternoon which isn't good either.  I do miss eating whatever I want, but that also isn't a realistic option in my life considering I don't have the metabolism of a 16 year old, teenage boy (like my boyfriend and brother have *lucky jerks*).  I really have to work at what I get, like many of us women (and even some men) have to, but in the end, it's well worth it.  It's just a matter of getting a routine together and sticking to it.

Routine has never really been my problem though... the eating has been!  I find that I love fatty foods (most of us do!).  Seriously... anything bad for me, I LOVE to eat.  I have to make sure to start eating healthier: lean meats, fruits, and veggies.  My weakness however are ... CARBS! and SWEETS!  Give me a bowl of pasta and a bowl of ice cream and I will eat them... together! (no no I'm just kidding, not together, but I will eat them both... and leave no left overs).  

I have to admit though... half of the reason I eat so terribly most of the time is because I am always on the go!  I never have time to make food at my apartment, so I'm constantly eating fast food, take out or at restaurants.

Anybody have any tips on how to stay on the right path to healthy eating?  Perhaps you know of healthy places to eat or low cal/fat foods at fast food restaurants?  I could use any encouragement and tips!  Let me know!