Saturday, February 4, 2012


Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a fun Friday night.  I'm sorry it has been a few days since I've last written, and trust me, I've wanted to write, but I knew if I did I would ruin the surprise.

As many of you know, it was my brother's (Grant) birthday on Wednesday.  He turned the big 21 and has been waiting for the longest time it seems like.  Well, my mom had planned on coming out for his birthday and spending the weekend with us, but what he didn't know was that my dad was coming out to surprise him as well!  ... My mom, Grant and I were all hailing a cab and as soon as we got one we all jumped in and my dad appeared out of no where and jumped in the cab next to Grant.  He flipped!  It was such a joy to see Grant so happy and surprised.  He's a great guy.

So for the past 3 days we've all been hanging out!  Yesterday we spent all day walking around the city.  Making our way from the upper east side, to Herald Square's Macy's store, all the way down to the 9/11 Memorial near Wall Street.  On Grant's birthday we went out for a fabulous dinner at Del Frisco's; a gorgeous restaurant right across from Radio City.  And on Thursday my parents and I spent the day together doing some odds-n-ends shopping and relaxing.  Who knows what will be in store today?... I guess I'll have to go find out.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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