Sunday, February 5, 2012

A New Week, a Fresh Start

Hello my friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your Sunday.

Mom and Dad just left the apartment and are headed back home to good ol' Minnesota.  I'm really going to miss them both.  We had such a wonderful time together.  It's just nice enjoying each others company.  I pray they get home safely.

This is going to be one heck of a week! Back on the old exercise/healthy eating routine, along with countless auditions, meetings, and "things to do".  I'm excited to get things rolling again, but of course, who doesn't love relaxing and having fun?  The early mornings are what get me.  Waking up at 5:30am every morning to be seen (or not seen) for an audition really gets to me after a week or so.  Hopefully this week turns out better then the last.  Please say a prayer for me.

Something totally random... approximately 1 month from today will be the 1 year anniversary mark that I have been a member of youtube.  Matt and I think it would be really cool if I reached a goal of 1 million views in 1 year.  It's something to hope for at least.  If you haven't checked out some of my videos, please feel free to!  Here are some links: 'Love On Top'  ,  'Domino'  ,  'Lost In Paradise' and my newest video 'Safe & Sound'.  Also, check out my YouTube Channel for more videos!

I hope you all have a blessed week and stay healthy and warm!
Love to you all!


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