Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm ... well... Different

Sometimes I get so frustrated with life... who doesn't?  We're living in a world where sports players are being paid more than teachers and doctors, the media controls our perception of what men and women "should" look like, and ... well... you fill in the rest.

I guess what makes me personally so frustrated is that... truthfully... I'm lost.  Not as a person.  I know exactly who I am as Honey, but I seem to be lost as to who or what I am as a performer.

For those of you who know me, you all know that I've been singing since I was a little baby girl... talent shows, competitions, the shower... wherever and whenever I got the chance to sing, I would sing.  The only problem with it is that I never had a specific style of music I enjoyed singing... I enjoyed it all! (As most kids do!) What frustrates me now is that I've grown up my entire life never having a niche... you know... a specific type of music that I ended up sticking with.  But now I'm being told by people left and right "oh you need to sing this, or you need to sing that... in order to be successful." "The music industry isn't going to want someone who dresses like this, you need to change your hair, or your makeup, or your outfit."  "You voice is too soulful, or too broadway".

I'm constantly being pulled left and right by what people think I should do in order to become successful in this business, when all I really want to do is SING!

I find that music, expresses how I feel.  When I no longer can speak, I must sing.  I find that the true Honey comes to life when I am on a stage singing a song, or sitting next to a piano humming a melody, or Lord knows... singing in the shower belting a high note.  When I sing, I'm expressing how I feel.  If I want to sing soul one day because I'm feeling ballsy and fierce that's just the way it goes. And if I want to sing a sad country song because I'm in a blue mood, what is wrong with that?!

I find that this music industry... and any entertainment industry for that matter "types" everyone and only sells the fact that they can do that one thing exceptionally good.  Well, I want to defy that.  I don't just sing one thing well, I sing many things well.  Just like I know some of you who are reading this are in theatre... You may be the ingenue, but darn it... I know you can play that "character" type if you truly want to... and if your heart is in it.

I know all singers fit into a certain genre based upon their look and sound.  Well... I look like a sweet little country singer, but I don't want to be stuck singing country all my life if my heart isn't into it.  I want to sing what my heart is in to. I need to find something that is different than EVERYBODY else... and I guess what no one else has tried to do yet is... well... do it ALL!  I don't know an artist out there that sings country, pop, rock, soul, and jazz.  I think it would be pretty neat though!  Could you imagine driving in your car listening to one of your favorite artists and hearing an upbeat country song... then the next track comes on by the same artist and he or she is singing a jazz ballad?  I think it would be pretty awesome if you ask me!

Now I'm not saying everyone has to do this, I'm just saying, I'm too crazy to stick to just one type of music... which may sound weird, but hey... I'm weird.  And hopefully, someday, I can be an exception to the rule.

Hope you don't mind me ranting about this subject... it's just one I've been wanting to get off my chest for a while...  If Lady Gaga is allowed and capable of changing her look and performance every time she appears onstage, why should I not be allowed to change my sound/genre?  I think it would be fun! And entertaining... and... well... different.

Hope you all have a wonderful night! Enjoy the Oscars!


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  1. Maybe you should let go of the idea that you need a niche. I think you're feeling that way yourself anyway, and I agree. Don't ask people what niche you should be in because you don't want an answer! Katie Perry was a Christian singer before she got into pop. See where life takes you, but don't let it label you. That's my vote ;)