Sunday, March 4, 2012

Youtube with a slice of Boston Cream Pie

Happy Sunday to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Well I have had quite the week!  First off... I finally reached my goal of 1 Million views on my Youtube Channel in under a year!  I'm super excited and hope you will all take a look at the videos if you have a chance.  (Click Here for Honey's Youtube Channel)

Another exciting thing is that I am taking a fun little trip to Boston this week!  I've only been there once before, but it was only an over night experience.  This time I will have the pleasure of being with my boyfriend and best friend in the world, Matt Hoerl, and his lovely step mom, Joan!  It's never a dull moment when she is around and I am so excited to be seeing the city with two people I love so much!  I let you know how the first time experience goes.  Anybody have any suggestions as to what we could do for fun?

I have much more to fill you all in on in a few days, but for now I have to go to dinner. Love to you all! Have a wonderful evening and a great week! xoxo


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  1. I think i have watched your videos so many times haha! well i hope to be coming to america this year to teach football (soccer to you) over the summer!! Keep the work up, your fantastic and i wish i had an incredible voice like yours so i can sing with my ukulele! i do have a channel but give me time!! Jon (jonnmurphy on twitter)