Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am... Honey Fierce

Hello my friends, family and fellow bloggers!

Yesterday I went to an all day audition for the NBC television show "The Voice".  It was so much fun! My darling brother and I woke up at 5:30am (which ain't bad compared to some of the auditions I've been to), jumped on a train to port authority, road a bus over to jersey and walked to the IZOD center from the bus stop.  We finally got in line at around 8am and for my 2pm audition slot.  Thankfully we were one of the first people there for my audition time so we both felt happy about leaving at the time we did.  After making friends with the people in line and getting baked by the hot summer sun, Grant was asked to step out of line so that I could enter into the grand stadium by myself.
After waiting 5 hours out in the 100 degree weather, I walked into the blast of ice cold air and registered for my chance to sing before a judge.  It had been another 2 and a half hours before I was seen.  When the time finally came, my group of 10 went into a small, dark room and each of us got up to sing before a blonde woman, no older than 25 years old.
I was the second to last person to sing my song and as I got up everyone in the small room cheered for me.  I smiled internally and externally as I stood up and walked to the center of the room.  There I stood in my ruffled dress, tan heels and jean jacket as I cheerfully introduced my song "River Deep Mountain High."  My mouth opened as I blasted my first note.  I made sure that the song I chose was balanced enough so that whoever I sang for would get a full taste of what my voice sounded like in head, chest, mix and belt voice.

After I sang my song the judge smiled at me and thanked me.  Another girl sitting in the seats that I became friends with in line threw her hat at me and told me to "get the hell out" haha.  Everyone cheered  and laughed because they did not expect the sound that came out of my body.

After the 10th person sang, the judge said that no one in our group made it but we were so close and to try again next year.  I have been told by people I know through these shows that there are certain rooms who can choose tons of people, some rooms that can only choose a few people and some rooms are just unlucky rooms and do not get to choose anyone.  I honestly feel that I got the room that chose no one because there were a handful of beyond amazing singers in my group and not one of them went through.

After I walked out of the IZOD Center with my new friends they all expressed their feelings about my voice and how they weren't expecting what they heard to come out of my mouth.  They expected some Taylor Swift, country song or simple, all-american sound, which brings me to my whole point of writing this blog today.

Sometime I sit and think about school, performing, and just life. I contemplate the "type" of person I appear to be, am told to be, or would be best marketed as.  But is this my true passion?  I do love singing country music and I do love curling my hair to look cute for a day or two.  And, lets be honest, I am a good girl raised in Minnesota by a good family so I have turned out with a personality that settles well with the all around "good, all-american girl".  This is all fine, it really is; and it is definitely a character I would love to play.  But at the end of the day... I cuss sometimes, and I wear dark makeup, and I sing a song where I'm riffing or belting my face off.

My point is... we all play a character in life. I do sell well as the all-american girl, but my voice sure doesn't.  I sound like an r&b or pop singer and have been told many times that this is not the music I should sing because it does not fit my look.  Well... I disagree!  If I can sing it and it is what I love, nothing will stand in the way of it.  But I will not forget what brought me to this place.  I am still a girl from Minnesota, who goes to church every sunday, wears sundresses and treats people with the respect they deserve.  Therefore, I will not run away from what I am "thought to be", however I will not limit myself only to that.

I am... Honey Fierce


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