Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've Missed You!!!

May I first start off by saying "Hello everyone! I have missed you!"

I have finally gotten back into the groove of things after a 3 month run at the American Music Theatre, final callbacks for a TV show on the CW Network, and working with the Broadway Dreams Foundation.  But we'll get into all of that a little later.

Before I tell you all about what has been happenening in my life I wanted to ask you all to please take a look at my YOUTUBE channel.  There have been some recent additions to my videos page and I would love for you to take a listen!  My two most current videos are "Who You Are" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". Be sure to check them out!

Also, while we're on the subject of websites, I have also recently updated!  New videos, photos, and information are all posted there.  And be sure to follow me on Twitter @HoneyRibar as well!

Well... I have to admit that getting back into the groove of things hasn't been easy.  I've literally been going to auditions every day, waking up as early as possible, and not being seen for a single thing.  It's difficult being non-equity in Manhattan.  Oh well... I have to keep my hopes high and keep praying for the right opportunity to come along.

Country Classics finished wonderfully!  Everyone who came to see the show claimed that it was the best Revue that the theatre has ever put on, which I was very happy to hear.  

After finishing Country Classics, I was immediately thrown into the next project which was a television show on the CW Network called "The Next".  I was flown out to Los Angeles for a quick 24 hour callback and it was a dream come true!  I woke up at 3am to catch a 5:30 flight from Newark to Burbank.  As soon as my flight landed I was picked up and brought to the hotel (I got my own room and it was huge!!!)  After that I had a meeting with wardrobe and was measured and interviewed about "my style" and what I would like to be perceived as.  After getting all my measurements, they sent me off to lunch and gave me some time to get prepared for band rehearsal.  Once I was picked up to go to rehearsal I literally had a ball of excitement bunching up in my stomach!  I thought I would have been more nervous, but I was just ready to get up and sing!  I met the group, the producers and the sound monitor and everyone (to say the least) was incredibly sweet.

The song I was given to learn was grammy award winning song "Mean" by Taylor Swift.  I wasn't so thrilled about the song right off the bat, but after I gave it my own style, I seriously was obsessed with the song!  The band and I immediately clicked!  We all had similar styles of what we wanted the song to sound like and we all just had a blast rocking out and enjoying what we love to do. And did I mention that they were all incredibly talented?!

After band rehearsal they thanked me, and all gave me the biggest hugs a person could get.  I went back to the hotel that night with a big smile on my face and a comfy pillow under my head.  I woke up bright and early the next morning to head back to New York and get back to work.  

Sadly I didn't get the show, but I am hopeful the next big thing will come along soon (at least I hope so).

After being down for about a week I thankfully had my next adventure to take my mind off of it.  Well... it ended up being more than just "something to take my mind off of".  The Broadway Dreams Foundation is seriously one of thee most creative, loving and inspiring environments I have ever been in.  Annette (the founder) and the whole creative team are people I want to surround myself with for the rest of my life.  Talk about talent!  I had the pleasure of working with big Broadway names and even people on television (cough... "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographer... cough).  

Broadway Dreams gives people who are not yet living the Broadway Dream the opportunity to work with those who are!  They guide you and direct you in the way a Broadway Director would.  They coach you and instruct you to be the best that you can be, all while working on their own parts within the show that is put on at the end of the week intensive.

If you don't know what BDF is, please be sure to check it out at

So as you can all see, things have been quite crazy lately!  I have been in and out of the apartment and I finally just moved back in.  Literally I just spent all night cleaning the apartment (it was a mess!)

I am having a friend stay with me next week, then immediately following her are my parents!  I am excited for these next few weeks to come and I can only hope and pray that everything is wonderful in all of your lives as well.

I promise to write more frequently now that I am back home.  I'll let you know how everything goes.  Until then... have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


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